chemsols, corp. located at sylmar, california, is focusing on r&d of advanced coatings and manufacture of coating solutions and chemicals precursors for coating and thin film.

our specialty coatings are including anti-corrosion coating, protective coating, hydrophobic coating, hard coating, ar coating and other specialty coatings.

our chemicals are including ultra-high purity precursors and ready-to-use solutions for cvd, mocvd, ald, sol-gel and other advanced material processing as following:

  • metal alkoixdes
  • ready-to-use sol-gel solutions
  • metal dialkylamides
  • metal ß-diketonates
  • metal oxides colloidal solutions
  • high purity inorganics
  • high purity anhydrous organic solvents

we also do custom synthesis and custom coatings with our more than 20 years experience in this field.

chemsols, corp.
14526 birchwood ct.
sylmar, ca 91342
phone: (805) 578-8800
fax: (818) 833-8131

recent news

ac-care, at 2013 trade shows

ahr expo at dallas, tx,
jan. 28-30, 2013
booth# 5932

acca annual meeting and ie3 expo
orlando, fl, feb. 27-mar.1, 2013
booth# 1207


ac-care, a revolutionary hvac/r protective and energy saving coating, has been tested for 7 years on los angeles beach without any damage. this water-based coil coating can be applied by spray or dipping.
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ac-care, has been shown up at acca show (mar 5~7, 2012, las veges).